ep2. Alicia Ingruber, Yoga as Creative Tool for the Future of Work

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I remember being in child’s pose for 45 minutes, unable to do anything else

Alicia Ingruber is my guest for this second episode. She’s a yoga teacher in Amsterdam who believes yoga is a powerful tool for healing and prevention of emotional and mental collapse. She brings her creativity to classes combined with her yogi knowledge and creates a down to earth yoga experience.
Alicia’s experience with burnout led her to design her own program which she is now offering online, at aliciainspired.com.
Listen to our open-heart conversation as we talk about how the ancestral knowledge of yoga, its benefits and how it can help us come closer to our body intelligence. And as Alicia puts it: our bodies are made to move, so how might we design the future of work (places, people, interactions) by using movement as a stakeholder, and prevent stagnation?


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