ep.3 Ria Higler, Movement Research

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I think the body is a source for giving you direction. Nobody can feel the inside of my body, and yet is an important source to figure where I place myself in society

My guest on this episode is Ria Higler. Ria is a teacher at the Academy of Theater and Dance, in Amsterdam. Through her dance career Ria’s human approach allows students -inside and outside of school, amateurs and professionals – to create their language through a deep self-awareness. Her movement research is focused on adaptation to space, and listening to the body, as means to create one’s identity.
Ria’s introspection is detailed, meditative, and free of judgement.

In her book “Movement Research: Stories and Journeys by Ria Higler” Ria shares her extensive career through the eyes of – what I call her – the dancing anthropologist.

If you’d like a copy of Ria’s book, please leave a message in the comments below.


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