ep4. Mariana Maia Gil, There’s no Biology Without Movement

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If movement – a coordination of space and time – fails, then the organ does not develop.

My guest on this episode is biologist Mariana Maia Gil.
Currently PhD student at the Gulbenkian Science Institute in Portugal, she is researching the cell movements and deformability during the eye development.

Mariana is inspired by science as a means to understand what rules in biology can be applied in our everyday interactions between humans and the environment, thus shaping society.

And I am inspired by the way she takes me on a journey inside my body as I visualize cells in constant movement.

With her I learn that there is no such thing as stagnation!

Watch this video to have a sense of what happens during the Muscle Contraction Process (Youtube video) or the little feet we refer during our conversation.

Listen to this interview from researcher Elias Barriga who also refers to the grand orchestra of movement.


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