ep6. Melanie Genssler. Movement and Health.

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The more we understand the resiliency within ourselves, we will also be able to feel much more stable, mobile, agile, in our relationships and ultimately with ourselves.

Ever wondered what collaborations sound like?

This episode marks one of those aha! moments when two souls come together after the realisation of what it feels to be aligned in values, ideas, and business?

I am proud to introduce a series of episodes as a collaborative project between Movement is My Constant and Integrative Health Guide as the ground for understanding how movement is the catalyst of change, and integration the way to find potential opportunities and seek growth during change.

Meet my guest, Melanie Genssler, the founder of Integrative Health Guide, as we set the tone of our work together in this pilot episode.

Through a light and open conversation we share common dreams and you get to know the founder of Integrative Health Guide program, as she is sharing her observations and knowledge from her research on the health paradigm.



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Thank you for keeping this project moving!


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