ep7. Melanie Genssler. Journeys

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It was part of my process the need to feel movement not in the physical sense but feeling movement through the breath and through the mind

Are we ever ready for a journey?

In this episode I sit with Melanie Genssler to explore why journeys are complex and cyclical moments of our lives.

The challenge during these moments is to stick to it and understand that everything happening is already part of our emotional and intellectual growth. Each one of us has the ability to craft their own journey using the senses to notice how the body and the mind develop new ideas around common beliefs.

Journeys are a common way to illustrate or express a process of which we are central actors and owners of choices we make, both in our conscious and subconscious mind, and with Melanie’s knowledge we take a step further in diving deeper into different tools that support one’s journey.

Grab a pen and notebook as we share enough food for thought to keep you reflecting on your own experience with self-development and growth.

This is the second episode of the collaboration between Movement is My Constant and Integrative Health Guide Integrative Health Guide by Melanie Genssler, as we combine knowledge from movement and health to bring you fresh perspectives and ideas to implement, or simply reflect upon.

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