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Funny enough in surrender there is empowerment too.

Ever wondered how rest can be a strategy for performance?

In business, rest is many times left to the care of one’s private space, outside of the office – during evenings and weekends.

While at the office, behind the screen, during meetings and collaborations, we invest more in performance, achievement, and high productivity.

Little do we know the power in rest and surrender for successful collaborations and assertive team work. The ability to deal with difficult situations, to develop emotional intelligence, empathy, and the ability to negotiate with others while recognizing diversity within the team are some of the needed skills which can be developed through awareness of our feelings and sensations of stability.

Feeling safe, assertive, having ownership and responsibility on challenges one takes, and responsibility over our collaborations, requires deep work. Both in the body and the mind.

Since our primary reactive responses come from the body, knowing the body first   clears the mind from negative emotions that spiral into negative actions.

In this brand new episode I’m exploring qualities of surrender and power through movement practices that give access to this felt sense of Stability.

Join me again with Melanie Genssler as we take you through a conversation on developing stability and what changes once we tap into the power of surrender.

I invite you to explore movements that give you this feeling of stability. Explore them in new settings – at work, with your colleagues, before and during, or after a meeting.

Note the quality of change. Note the awareness within your team, note the energy shifting towards motivation.

And note growth.

It could be a different strategy to find energy and motivation, which you and your team take to anywhere.

This is the third episode in this collaboration between Movement is My Constant and Integrative Health Guide – @integrativehealthguide – by Melanie Genssler.

We combine knowledge from movement and health to be applied to work environments and teams, in order to improve communication, team work, and impact positively the strategies needed for change.

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