Ep. 9: Melanie Genssler. Agility.

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 One of the most amazing results that happen when you acquire state of Agility is that your relationships will have less conflict and more flow.

For this episode, I am bringing Melanie’s perspective on Resilience. This is a trendy topic these days amidst the time we are in now. Resilience has been applied for many different contexts. From bodywork to being identified as an essential soft skill. The combination of these two spectrum is exactly what I am looking to know more of.

In this conversation, Melanie Genssler is sharing her own work on resilience, through the body-mind awareness. She brings her knowledge of bodywork and mindfulness as one of her pillars for self-development. Using movement and reflection exercises, she creates a body-mind awareness through a felt sense she calls Agility. And this is the emotional elasticity at the root of resilience.

I am interested to know, from her experience, how the qualities of Agility can be felt. And how do we go about to apply these qualities in our life, both personal and professional? I’m eager to understand how this shows up in our relationships, and which decisions can we influence. Throughout the conversation, Melanie brings some examples of body exercise or mindfulness practices, to make this conversation a bit lighter, and tangible. And as usual, we also share resources for further reading, if you are interested in diving deeper.

This is the fourth episode in this collaboration between Movement is My Constant and Integrative Health Guide: @integrativehealthguide – by Melanie Genssler.
We combine knowledge from movement and health which we believe can be applied in work environments. It is a great resource for teams, to improve communication, collaboration, and create a positive impact during uncertain times.

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