ep.10. Melanie Genssler. Mobility

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 The more we can take care of ourselves the better we can take care of others. But first, we have to take care of ourselves.

For this last collaborative episode with Melanie Genssler, owner of Integrative Health Guide, we conclude the series by exploring the last state in which self-care and personal growth are combined, using an integrative approach.

True leadership comes from a state of mobility. As we combine what we explored in our previous episodes, it is now the time to create a belief system that supports us and others. Mobility is a state which explored through dance movements or creative experiences, allows a better understanding of ourselves.

This in relation to our work reflects on the way we take care of others. That is true leadership.

Movement practices allow us to develop beliefs and face our fears. And it also shows the way in which we can move into growth. Using our inquisitive mind, the curious mind, the only way is to move forward and up, in our leadership path.

And as we touch upon creating our values, spiritually speaking, I am intrigued by how it relates or doesn’t, with religion. Melanie will help me with that.

Through dance, Melanie has found her own values, and seen how beliefs can be in the way for her to become a leader in her business. So she will exemplify what movement means, as she works with her clients.

This is the fifth episode in this collaboration between Movement is My Constant and Integrative Health Guide: @integrativehealthguide – by Melanie Genssler.
We combine knowledge from movement and health which we believe can be applied in work environments. It is a great resource for teams, to improve communication, collaboration, and create a positive impact during uncertain times.

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