ep11. Fiona Winter. Movement for Change

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 For me, as a teacher, I’m fascinated by the fact that people can change.

Out now: another fresh episode, and the last of 2020!
Join me in this interview with Fiona Winter – a master in giggles with a contagious laughter, she’s a true embodied spirit of fun, play, and pleasure! Fiona’s interest in the ageing body has brought her to work with adult students, guiding them through the inevitable changes in the ageing body.

With her fascination for change through awareness, she plants the seed using curiosity as she leads adults of well-advanced ages through movement, in her creative classes.

I hope you will feel inspired by her story of breaking structures and finding her path. While at the same time helping transform the lives of others.

Fiona teaches regularly online through zoom and is offering a few workshops on rest, during this season.

If you want to feel challenged in your beliefs, I invite you to experience one of Fiona’s classes with a curious mind.

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