Ep.12 – Esther Arends – Movement for the Future of Education

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 My heart glows when I envision a world where kids are connected to themselves

Welcome to the first episode of 2021, where I am joined by Esther Arends in my “studio” to kick this new season.

Esther is the author of “Journey Through the Body”, a movement and embodiment school program developed to teach young children how to feel empowered by a true connection with their body.

Throughout life, and moreover during these challenging times, Esther believes an education reform will include body awareness in a way that develops self-respect and self-worth.

During her own self-development Esther found that being embodied is like coming home to the body. And aligning with her true-self.

Get to know Esther Arends, her path, her choices, and why movement needs to be taught in schools as basic knowledge to inspire a new generation of purposefully driven human beings.

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