Ep. 13 – Matt Shearing – Somatic Design

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 The more embodied you are, the more designers realise the important things that are to be designed

Join me with Matt Shearing, as we uncover and explore the hidden link between Somatics and Design. What does it mean human-centric design? And what does somatic awareness have anything to do with empathy?

In this episode we go through childhood influences, education, travels, and Matt’s wide spectrum of embodiment practices as being essential for his current work: defining human-first-centric design. His knowledge is his contribution to both the design and embodiment fields.

This I why I do the work I do.

This is the 13th episode of Movement is My Constant, and now you can also find it on YouTube! Check it here, on the Movement is My Constant channel, and experience a different way of engaging in the topic, as you will meet me, and Matt on screen.

To know more about Matt, make sure to check his work.

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