Ep.14 – Karunavira – Awareness is Revolutionary

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 Where intention goes, awareness goes. Where awareness goes, Qi follows

On the 14th episode I explore the state of awareness. My guest is experienced in this topic. With his range of practices, Karunavira, has been teaching mindfulness based approaches, at Bangor university, as also various Mindfulness Based programs, and counselling, for more than 30 years now.

In this conversation we explore what it means to be aware, and how to practice that quality of state by looking at our current practices, and use it for many things of life: communicating, parenting, leading, listening, or moving.

Kv (as know to his students) shares how his daily practices help him connect with the self, others, and nature, and cultivate the principles of Chi/Qi (energy) that lead to experience a more integrated and purposeful life.

In a month where I celebrate freedom I question and explore practices that help me experience and honour this purposed life. I hope you feel inspired too with this episode.

This is the 14th episode of Movement is My Constant, and now you can also find it on YouTube! Meet me and Karunavira at Movement is My Constant channel.

You also can experience a practice with Karunavira here.

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