Ep.15 – Gijs and Nadia – Move better, Feel better

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 People are looking to find their body awareness

For this episode I had a great conversation with Gijs, and Nadia. They both are working as physiotherapists and movement specialists, at a local gym in Amsterdam. They attend to their clients through awareness on the quality of movement, using strength and mobility exercises, to improve posture and movement habits.

Gijs (the owner) and Nadia share their daily experiences at the gym as they guide clients through exercises that go beyond the fitness-oriented goals, creating instead long-lasting happiness through a balanced and strong body. Their observations focus on habitual patterns of movement, and with it they support clients with exercises that are unique to each different body.

This month I celebrate awareness. With this conversation my goal is to bring awareness to posture, and what habitual patterns are there. So if you look to change patterns of movement, start a new physical practice, or have an understanding of posture on a higher level, this is a great conversation to get you started.

Check out what the team behind Wijs gym is busy with,through their YouTube channel.

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