Ep.19 – Ellis Bartholomeus – Make Magic Happen with Play

by | Apr 19, 2022 | Podcast

 You can learn how to play with elements in life instead of feeling like you are being played. You can experience and explore how a game can open a space to create relationships between you and other players. You can use a game to elicit a better understanding of yourself and others. You can apply play to help people collaborate and explore life.

Welcome to a brand new episode with author, teacher, and former colleague, Ellis Bartholomeus. Here we explore play as a dynamic force that breaks stagnation patterns, and takes us on adventures of exploration, growth and outstanding fun!

As a survival mechanism, play is a fundamental part of who we are as species. Play is how wee creatively stay alert and alive!

In this episode we explore the universal elements of play we can apply in our everyday life. Why is play so fundamental for life. How do movement practices integrate play for well-being.

On this topic Ellis recent book: “Apply Play to Get Ahead of The Game” is available for purchase – if you live in the Netherlands.

Or if you live abroad you can find thee book at Ellis in Wonderland.

You will find a clarity of writing and practical exercises on how to apply game in our day to day life. And it comes in the perfect easy-to-carry-everywhere-no-excuse-to-leave-home size.

Share with a friend, or a loved one. Indulge on your own, or with company! Be inspired, move with this knowledge, and take what resonates. And feel free to share your thoughts on what did.

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