Ep 19 – Rita Terruta – Everyday Movement and the Future of Health

by | May 19, 2022 | Podcast

 We need to choose differently and be more aware and conscious about what we choose for our body which includes the training

– RT

Rita Terruta is a personal trainer and coach with a fine tuned listening skill that makes the whole difference when working with clients.

Want to know how to move better with the benefit of shorter workouts? Get the insight and knowledge from Rita Terruta, a personal trainer, on how to improve the outcome, the benefit, and results of your workout routine without adding more effort to it. Make the right choice – for you – with the right mindset, motivation and information.

Rita combines many tools like play, awareness, mindfulness, observation, and her 10years of working in the field of sports and movement to create unique moments of movement exploration and movement knowledge for her clients ❤️

In this episode we explore:
👉 The importance of movement and the future of health
👉 The myths of gym training and HIIT workouts!
👉 Movement snacks and their long term benefit for our health. Yum!

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