Who is behind Movement Is My Constant, and what is the vision for this project


How this happened

I was not aware of my emotions as I operated and navigated in a corporate system that was not prepared to include my individual and unique needs as a working force. This left me feeling abandoned in a place where quantifying work was more important then the quality of life inside the workspace.

This led me to a breakdown, and that experience planted the seed to what I offer today: include real human emotions in the process of team work and organizational experiences. Ultimately accessing the creativity we store in our bodies by tuning into what makes us human.

This is my intention with Movement is My Constant and the vision of this project is to create unique organizational structures through empowered teams.

Through business coaching, team and Project Design combined with Design thinking and body awareness techniques, I offer guidance and support in the process.

I invite you to read my manifesto and browse through the inspiring conversations I have with my guests, which you can find under the podcast page. I also appreciate if you take the time to subscribe and you will receive the latest episodes complemented with resources from the conversations.

Thank you

Ana Maia Marques

Ana Maia Marques

Founder and Owner

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