Embodied Mission workshop

Owning the road ahead

Embodied Mission workshop

Owning the road ahead

The Embodied Mission workshop is the next step in shaping your business or team strategy. After expressing what drives your professional goals you are ready to start the journey. To create your mission is to build the road ahead through conscious choices. This requires a sense of responsibility that once fully embodied is a pillar for navigating your business or team.
Why Embodied? The aim is to visualize the steps that make sense for your business and team to thrive. You will be able to discover the individual intentions and collective purpose of your team and business.
Take a look at the Embodied Vision workshops if your vision statement is not clear yet.
Time spent Skills developed Techniques used
3 hours Clarity
This workshop will help you develop skills of Clarity, Responsibility and Agility and Collective Awareness.

Using visualization and body-mind awareness, we collaboratively create the road in which you will navigate your business and team forward. Even if you already have a mission statement you can, and should, always review it. This is because uncertainty is a normality through life, and a mission can change as we encounter the bumps in the road.

By embodying qualities of responsibility we can be sure that the choices made are connected to our values and the vision.
Embodiment is an absolute resource to show the path ahead. Through sensing how it feels. Embodiment is also a great tool to express and communicate our beliefs. So when we are working with a team in creating a business model, to understand how we and everyone else expresses themselves, can create a richer collaboration. This will ultimately result in understanding the products, services and model that fit with the truth behind your business. As an added benefit, this will affect your clients and professional relationships.

Why would you need the Embodied Mission workshop?

• You already have a clear vision statement.
• You are ready to take the next steps on your business strategy.
• You are looking to know which products and services to offer.

Who is the Embodied Mission workshop for?

• Teams
• Startups
• Business, Organisations, Professional collaborations

What happens during the Embodied Mission workshop?

In a collaborative session the group is guided through a series of activities that focus on body-mind awareness. The session will include reflective moments. And therefore to create a connection between body and mind.
With full awareness the group is then led through a visualization and brainstorm activity to create a collaborative mission statement. One that is clear for everybody. And makes sense for your business and team.

The session can be combined with the Embodied Vision workshop or with the Expectations workshop.

Or feel free to contact Movement is My Constant if you have any questions


These workshops are designed using movement and awareness techniques, meant to improve performance, communication, and collaboration within organizations.

Our goal is to impact employee happiness, team performance, and create organizational shifts, through a health initiative that focuses on the qualities of motivation, focus, energy. Using body intelligence we aim to improve performance, communication, and collaboration within organization and create positive change in work relationships, and workplace well-being

Our approach uses knowledge and inspiration from movement, awareness, self-inquiry, inspiration and brainstorm, to educate future leaders and people in work environments.


Helping people and business develop the essential soft skills for the future of work, and their professional relationships


Centering techniques for alignment.
Awareness techniques, such as meditation and breath, for focus.
Design thinking techniques such as visualization, for creativity.
Developing essential soft skills to improve employee performance, collaboration, and communication


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