Embodied Vision workshop

Going beyond the fancy taglines

Embodied Vision workshop

Going beyond the fancy taglines

The Embodied Vision workshop aims to clear any doubts on what drives you to push your business or team forward. And make your ideas tangible. The aim is to create space for an inquisitive mind. Only afterwards you will be ready to brainstorm. To reflect and observe what ideas and thoughts emerge. And only then give shape to your vision.
Why Embodied? Because what drives us is part of who we are. And the exciting part of this process is to learn how to express it. And see this has been in us, always.
Time spent Skills developed Techniques used
3 hours Clarity
This workshop will help you develop skills of Clarity, Purpose and Confidence.

Using visualization and body-mind awareness techniques, we collaboratively bring purpose to your work and business. This is a group session for individuals starting a project or their business. As well as for team members who search for collective meaning in their work and professional relationship. It is also a workshop meant to shed light on vision statements for an organization looking to review the professional landscape.

By embodying confidence and clarity qualities, purpose becomes accessible to us. Working with a mindfulness approach in both body and mind we are able to explore and see what is truly meaningful to ourselves, but many times struggle to express. As a result we become less able to connect to the reasons that drive our choices. Owning our emotions, understanding triggers allows us to move beyond this.

In the current work landscape there might be a tendency to shut down emotions and be on a constant doing mode as we resource only to the mind, for decision making. However, allowing the body to manifest itself deepens our awareness and reveals a profound intelligence. In the end this makes us more reliable as leaders and people. As we start to make choices based on our true passion we make the right decisions in business. And life.

Why would you need an Embodied Vision workshop?

• To clarify the motive behind your choices
• You are collaborating with others and look for a common sense of purpose
• You have many ideas over what the business could look like. However you are struggling to make them clear to the team, and be aligned with what they also see
• Your current vision statement is not yet clear, and you wish to revisit

Who is the Embodied Vision workshops for?

• Teams
• Startups
• Business, Organisations, Professional collaborations

What happens during the Embodied Vision workshop?

In a collaborative session the group is guided through a series of activities that focus on body-mind awareness.  The session will also include reflective moments. And therefore create a connection between body and mind.
With full awareness the group is then led through a visualization and brainstorm activity to create a collaborative vision. One that is true to all.

The session can be combined with the Embodied Mission workshop and/or with the Expectations workshop.

Or feel free to contact Movement is My Constant if you have any questions


These workshops are designed using movement and awareness techniques, meant to improve performance, communication, and collaboration within organizations.

Our goal is to impact employee happiness, team performance, and create organizational shifts, through a health initiative that focuses on the qualities of motivation, focus, energy. Using body intelligence we aim to improve performance, communication, and collaboration within organization and create positive change in work relationships, and workplace well-being

Our approach uses knowledge and inspiration from movement, awareness, self-inquiry, inspiration and brainstorm, to educate future leaders and people in work environments.


Helping people and business develop the essential soft skills for the future of work, and their professional relationships


Centering techniques for alignment.
Awareness techniques, such as meditation and breath, for focus.
Design thinking techniques such as visualization, for creativity.
Developing essential soft skills to improve employee performance, collaboration, and communication


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