Inspiration from movement leaders through open conversations on the creative process leading to the practice


Ida Sundell: How to improve music learning through music

¬†You cannot create music without movement My guest on this episode is Ida Sundell. Violinist, teacher and researcher, Ida is looking to the ways of learning movement patterns to improve music learning, and the performance on stage. On this rich conversation we:ūüėé Debunk myths of...

Ep.19 – Ellis Bartholomeus – Make Magic Happen with Play

 You can learn how to play with elements in life instead of feeling like you are being played. You can experience and explore how a game can open a space to create relationships between you and other players. You can use a game to elicit a better understanding of yourself and...

Ep.17 – Mark Walsh – Body Intelligence with Embodiment

 Embodiment connects us all in our shared humanity Mark Walsh devotes his life in bringing embodiment to a range of clients and students, familiarizing us with tools and practices that open our body intelligence. For better self, and better relationships. In this episode you...

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Movement is my Constant

Movement is life! Even in stillness we move, as our bodies actively work in keeping us alive, alert, attentive, and curious.