Inspiration from movement leaders through open conversations on the creative process leading to the practice


ep5. Anita Paalvast. Aikido and The Power of Choice.

Everyone has Aikido skills in them too! They just need to be awakened In this fifth episode I’m in the company of one of the few Dutch women with a 4th degree Aikido black belt, Anita Paalvast. By bringing her 20+ years expertise from the mat, to the organisation floor, Anita...

ep.3 Ria Higler, Movement Research

I think the body is a source for giving you direction. Nobody can feel the inside of my body, and yet is an important source to figure where I place myself in society My guest on this episode is Ria Higler. Ria is a teacher at the Academy of Theater and Dance, in Amsterdam....

ep1. Miguel Maia, Movement and Desire in Theater

Movement if it is true, is a direct signal of what's happening inside Miguel Maia, director of the theater group Cepa Torta based in Lisbon, shares his journey from creation to production, using and exploring movement as a character of his recent play. He shares the challenges...

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Movement is my Constant

Movement is life! Even in stillness we move, as our bodies actively work in keeping us alive, alert, attentive, and curious.