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Collecting movement knowledge from the eyes and experiences of teachers, dancers, performers, and philosophers through open conversations made to inspire leaders to design impactful organizational experiences using movement and embodied knowledge.

Join me on this journey of changing the future at work.

Why Movement Matters

Movement is life! Even in stillness we move, as our bodies actively work in keeping us alive, alert, attentive, and curious.

Why stop this energy?

Embodied knowledge means our body knows how to act. We assimilate new experiences by comprehending and adjusting to the context. And this implies relationships between people, space, and objects we interact with.

In an age where we fall easily into stagnation patterns, at home and work, movement becomes an essential skill for growth and self-awareness. Movement supports the body with the intelligence to generate energy for positive impact.

That is why movement matters.   



Inspiration from movement leaders through open conversations on the creative process leading to the practice


Articles, findings, and written explorations on the experiences, and the benefits of movement for the embodied intelligence


Who is behind Movement is My Constant, and what is the vision for this project

Latest episodes

Ep 16 – Anna and Derk – Movement and Choice

 Think about the microscopic movements within our body to reestablish the harmony and connection, in the body People often mistake the goal to go to the gym and find small repetitive movement boring, because they are fixed on (very) long term goals. Instead of focusing on the...

Ep.15 – Gijs and Nadia – Move better, Feel better

 People are looking to find their body awareness For this episode I had a great conversation with Gijs, and Nadia. They both are working as physiotherapists and movement specialists, at a local gym in Amsterdam. They attend to their clients through awareness on the quality of...

Ep.14 – Karunavira – Awareness is Revolutionary

 Where intention goes, awareness goes. Where awareness goes, Qi follows On the 14th episode I explore the state of awareness. My guest is experienced in this topic. With his range of practices, Karunavira, has been teaching mindfulness based approaches, at Bangor university, as...

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Movement is my Constant

Movement is life! Even in stillness we move, as our bodies actively work in keeping us alive, alert, attentive, and curious.